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2020 November

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Flat 5, 72 St. Georges Road
Brighton BN2 1EF

[email protected]

Ayda Erbak

Hello, my name is Ayda and I am the founder of Euphoria HR.

I started this company with one clear goal in mind: to help people. I believe that we all deserve to live life in a way that makes us happy, feel proud, and accomplished. However, I have noticed that many people around me do not like their jobs or the way they are being treated. This causes long term psychological problems to the people but it is also bad for businesses. This is where Euphoria comes in, to bridge the gap between business and employees to make sure everyone is succeeding. I aim to make sure each individual that comes here, looking for an advancement in their career can find the right help. My passion is to help people and this company is a testament to that.

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